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Andrean is encouraging donors to make a gift with our Scholarship Granting Organization (SGO). 


  The Sagamore Institute is an Indianapolis-based public policy research organization that promotes educational excellence. Sagamore’s Scholarships for Education Choice program is certified by the State of Indiana as a Scholarship Granting Organization (SGO).  Donate online using a credit card or checking account to set up a one-time or recurring donation.


Visit the Sagamore Institute for more information.  




  • SGO donors receive a 50% state tax credit that can be applied to your Indiana income tax liability.
  • SGO tax benefits allow you to multiply the impact of your giving dollars.
  • Both individuals and businesses may donate and receive the state tax benefit.
  • Many Employer Matching Programs will match gifts made to the SGO.
  • SGO funds are used to support scholarships for eligible middle and low-income students attending private K-12 schools in Indiana.
  • If you itemize on your federal return, be sure to include your SGO donation as a charitable deduction. For some donors, federal tax savings will result.
Who CAN receive the scholarship? 

Indiana K-12 students who meet the income eligibility guidelines and attend a participating school.

Can I designate a school or student to receive my gift? 

Yes, and no. You may designate one of our participating schools to receive your gift. However, SGO donations may not designate a particular student; this would be considered a tuition payment and is not eligible for a tax credit.

How do I claim my credit? 

The receipt letter you receive from Sagamore Institute will include the amount of the donation, the tax credit certification number, and instructions for claiming the credit. We also send out year-end letters in January, which include donation information and detailed instructions.


IS THERE A limit to how much I can give and still receive the tax credit? 

No, there is no limit on your donations as long as there are tax credits available. The credit is applied to your state tax liability. It may be carried forward up to nine subsequent years but may not be carried back or refunded.