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On this day, 62 years ago, Andrean opened its doors for the first time!

Since then, we've provided a quality, Catholic, college-preparatory education to more than 10,000 students. In honor of Founder's Day, we are excited to showcase the importance of our SGO initiative.

SGO stands for Scholarship Granting Organization. By far, one of the best ways to make Catholic education accessible and affordable for families who qualify is to make a gift utilizing the vehicle of an SGO - our partner is Sagamore Institute. Donations made through an SGO not only help us meet the needs of families without the financial capacity to afford Andrean, but this vehicle is also a highly tax-advantageous way of making a gift in Indiana.

By making your gift through the SGO (designated for Andrean High School), Indiana residents can receive a state tax credit equal to 50% of the donation amount and your gift will also qualify as a charitable deduction on federal tax returns. Gifts made from both individuals and corporations qualify for the 50% tax credit. Contributions made through the SGO allow us to make an Andrean education possible for those most in need of financial assistance.

As one donor said, “Last year was the first time I supported Andrean's SGO.
Now, it's a no-brainer for me to do it again and again. The benefit to me in the form of a tax credit and a scholarship to a fellow 59er makes this a win-win for everyone.”

For questions regarding Andrean’s SGO initiative, please contact us by email at or by phone at 219-887-5959 ext. 241.

Campus Life

Andrean High School is home to more than 20 student organizations, 19 athletic programs, ambassadors, ministries, and other associations.


Media Center, four science labs, six computer science labs, three art rooms, two gymnasiums, a weight/cardio room. Athletics boasts baseball and softball fields, a football stadium complete with track and field facilities, six tennis courts, and adjacent athletic fields with a total of 50 acres.


Approximately 400 students in grades 9-12


55 faculty, staff & administrators on campus daily


Indiana Department of Education & Cognia







Parking Pass Form - The cost of a parking pass: $100.00 per school year. 


Students enrolled in a Physical Education class will be required to purchase two gym shirts, a pair of gym shorts, and a lock.