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About our Fall Madness Social Media Campaign


Our Fall Madness Social Media Campaign was created as a fun competition for our alumni and friends to honor some of their favorite Andrean teachers. 

From July 26-30, alumni and friends are encouraged to anonymously vote for their favorite Andrean teachers. Once we have 64 teachers nominated, we will assign them one of the 64 spots in our bracket, much like March Madness, brackets for college basketball. This competition will last from August 2-7. Half of the competition will be eliminated daily. All proceeds of this initiative will support our teachers in one way or another. The winner will be announced on social media on Monday, August 9, 2021.

Step 1: Nominate your favorite teacher(s). Because we have a few teachers with the same last name, please provide the first name of the teacher, if known, or the subject he/she taught. This will significantly help our staff. 
Step 2: Vote. Each vote is $5. Voting can be done in increments of $5. So, $20 is 4 votes for your favorite teacher.
Step 3: Encourage others to vote your favorite teacher into the next round.

How to vote:
Fill out the donation form below and in the comment section, please list the name of the teacher or teachers you are voting for. If you are voting for more than one teacher, leave a comment such as: (ie. My donation totals $25) 3 - Mr. Skinner, 2 - Mrs. Brandwie. 

For additional questions, please contact