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October Service Project - Honoring Veterans

September 16, 2021
By Sloan Mahoney

On October 1st, Andrean football honored veterans during a home game with various special services throughout the event. The game marked the beginning of our service project for October, where we will continue to honor veterans.


The Andrean Theology department has partnered with Veterans Affairs, a group that helps homeless Veterans by providing household goods. Often, vets are placed in housing even though they lack the essential household items needed. We will be hosting a drive for this cause and collecting housewear items. The drive will begin October 1st and end October 29th, 2021. Items that can be donated include: 


  • trash can 
  • dish cloths/dish towels sponge 
  • dish rack 
  • mop 
  • broom/dust pan 
  • pots/pans 
  • salt and pepper set plastic cups/glassware set cooking utensils 
  • dishes 
  • flatware 
  • dish soap
  • plastic food containers


  • shower liner and rings 
  • bath towels and washcloths 
  • trash can 
  • toilet brush 
  • toothbrush holder 
  • toilet bowl brush 
  • plunger
  • Bedroom: 
  • full size sheet sets 
  • pillows 
  • blankets/comforters 
  • hangers 


  • toilet paper 
  • paper towels
  • laundry detergent 
  • dish soap 
  • window cleaner 
  • toilet bowl cleaner
  • general-purpose cleaners 


  • flashlight/batteries 
  • garbage bags 
  • laundry basket 
  • basic tool set 
  • aluminum foil/plastic wrap

New items are preferred. However, we will accept used items in good condition. Donations from students can be dropped off in Theology class and parents or alumni can make donations in the main office. 


For any questions, please reach out to