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2021-2022 Andrean High School Tuition Details


The responsible person of each Andrean Student agrees to pay the following:

a. TUITION: $8,950.00 for the 2021-2022 school year.

b. ENROLLMENT FEE: $350.00 per school year, per student, payable at the time of registration. Enrollment fees are non-refundable. 

c.  TECHNOLOGY FEE: $200.00 per school year, per student.  This fee will be assessed through your payment plan. 

d. GRADUATION FEE (if applicable): $150.00 for the school year, assessed across your payment plan. This fee includes rental of cap and gown, diploma and cover, accommodation for  Baccalaureate Mass and Graduation, and Senior Breakfast access.


In an effort to become 'cashless', Andrean High School families will be billed for incidentals and lunch items through the FACTS system.

Explanation of fees


Tuition:  Tuition covers the majority of education-related expenses.  In addition, it covers general operations and the upkeep of our building.

Enrollment Fee:  This fee helps supplement the student experience and educational expenses.

Technology Fee:  The purpose of the technology fee is to acquire, install and maintain up-to-date and emerging technologies to enhance student-learning outcomes. All hardware, software, and databases procured with these revenues are to support student learning experiences.


Examples of Enrollment Fee usage include but is not limited to

Securing a seat at Andrean High School

Student clubs and organizations 

Student programming includes but is not limited to  Mass and Formation Days

Student planner, ID, and Bible


Examples of technology tuition fee usage include, but is not limited to

1:1 Technology for every Andrean student

Smart classrooms 

Our 5 computer labs on campus

Staff training, technical support 

Renweb and Google access

Access to broadband internet and telecommunication services